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Work package description


The main tasks to be performed during the project include computer modelling supported with experimental testing, architecture and building physics analyses. As the new products are market-aimed they will be accompanied by the development of a new production process and certification procedures. Each WP is further divided into tasks and each task finishes with a milestone.

WP 1
Project management

This work package is to address the overall project management, coordination and management of project external relations. It will ensure that all knowledge is created, managed and disseminated in a coordinated and coherent manner, along with all technical activities and legal aspects.

WP 3
Experimental analysis

Experimental testing must always serve as a conformation of the theoretical developments and numerical computations. It gives the necessary feedback that is needed to assure the finite element models give proper and realistic feedback of the structure’s response. The work package would be focused on in-plane and out-of-plane bending tests of cross laminated timber plates and cross laminated concrete plates as well as vertical stress and racking tests of cross laminated ribbed wall elements; the latter being the basis of seismic design.

WP 2
Finite element modeling

This WP deals with computer modelling of hybrid cross laminated timber plate setups with finite element methods. It is closely linked to WP3 dealing with experimental testing. The results of WP2 will influence the choice of experimental setups in WP3. It is also in cooperation with WP4 in the scope of building-physic and architecture optimal plate setups. WP2 will provide a vast parametric study of possible plate setups and separate out the optimal ones that will proceed to further experimental testing.

WP 4
Architectural engineering

The aim is to develop a series of ideas for applications of collaborating ribbed-timber-plate elements. The possible application of ribbed-timber-plate element and its impact on functional and aesthetic outcomes will be evaluated.

Besides those design solutions, the development of connection and fitting details that means solutions for the interface of ribbed-timber-plate elements and building will be addressed in this WP.

WP 5
Production line development

This WP deals with the development of a new production line for cross laminated timber ribbed plates. A new lamella in-feed and out-feed system and especially a complex press system have to be developed along with the supporting equipment. 

WP 7
Cost analysis and marketing

The cost analyses and marketing strategy have been put into one general work package due to a vast number of common tasks and a need for intense collaboration. The cost analysis is a necessary part of all development processes as otherwise things can get out of hand and later result in an economically unfeasible product. The cost analysis work will start immediately at the beginning of the project.

WP 6
Certification procedures

The WP will examine the necessary standards and legislation that defines the necessary tests and conditions a building product needs to fulfil to be allowed on the market. Work will be focused on both the demands for the building elements as well as the production line requirements.

WP 8

Final assessment and dissemination activities will be held in the scope of this WP. Workshops, public lectures and educational courses will be organised and the support of commercial and craft chambers will be sought. Under graduate and graduate students of architecture civil engineering and woodworking will be additionally targeted with free workshops where the cooperation of all fields will be promoted in order to reach a common goal of using rational-material-consuming elements with desirable mechanical characteristics.

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